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Experience can prove valuable whether buying or selling water property, because there are a number of unique variables that need to be considered throughout the transaction, such as the property’s characteristics, circumstances, septic, setting, and local conservation requirements. That is why we have a team here at Property Cape Cod devoted exclusively to our Water and Luxury brand.

When a home is for sale near wetlands, or on -or- near the water, each of the 15 towns on Cape Cod has their own rules and protocols that require local conservation, and sometimes state, approval. Simple things, such as cutting down trees, trimming and planting, often require approval. Having an agent very familiar with these rules and protocols is beneficial to avoid any surprises, disappointments, or misunderstandings later on.

Our team is prepared by always conducting considerable due diligence on your behalf ahead of time, (and not just rely on 3rd party information), as there is so much more to consider when buying or selling water properties than a traditional sale. Then we will advise you on how to proceed for a smooth sale and the best outcome overall.

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